potter's daughter 30x30GUADALUPE Street at GARFIELDAOIW AD WEBSIZEeiteljorg 2017
The Weavers Daughter ll 40x40DAZZLER 21.5x25 oilthat girl from gallup 45x28 oilgo west/ autry image croppedTHE ANCIENT 48x48 oilarapaho 8x8 oil settlers westjuggler 12x12 oilit's all relative 12x12 mixed mediaFlight Plam 28x45 oilwisdomwisdom / quinlansantiago adAfternoon Nap on the Plains 16x20 oil /SANDRONIThe Road Not Taken 28x28 oilHOPI LEGEND 48x48ICONquiet journey into the aspen 38x42"A PLACE WHERE I HAVE BEEN"
34x60 oil on linenSt FrancisSt Sebastian crosschasing santa fe 1 imageThe Long Way Home 30x27.5RETURN TO SANTA FE 20X16 oilWISDOM 32x38 oilPortrait of a Pueblo Man 12x10 oilAMBER AUTUMN 24x30 oil SOLDA TAOS JOURNEY 48x48 oil SOLDNative Vision 27.5 x 39.75 oil 
A Young Man's Fancy 34x 48.25 oil soldThe Road Less Traveled 48x48 oil soldtaos sketch SOLD
12x10 oiltony in red blanket/ soldmoose caller 40x30 oilcreative spirit 25x18 oil/ soldCover/ Santa Fean Magazine 12/2013-1/2014 -"SNOW PONY" 20x16 oil/ soldtraditional navajo girl/ sold TAOS EVENING 55x36 oil/ soldsanta domingo (kewa) storage jar/ soldevening walkwater bearer/ soldstudio visitDreamscape l : Maneuvering the Fray
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