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The Weavers Daughter ll 40x40when we were young  54x48DAZZLER 21.5x25 oilthat girl from gallup 45x28 oilgo west/ autry image croppedcollector nite card adTHE ANCIENT 48x48 oilarapaho 8x8 oil settlers westjuggler 12x12 oilit's all relative 12x12 mixed mediaFlight Plam 28x45 oilwisdomstealing beautylast tango with houdini ptg 45x28 oilLast Tango with Houdini 45x28 oilwisdom / quinlansantiago adAfternoon Nap on the Plains 16x20 oil /SANDRONIThe Road Not Taken 28x28 oilMorning Meditation 36x36 oilHOPI LEGEND 48x48ICONquiet journey into the aspen 38x42paintings at eiteljorg 2015"A PLACE WHERE I HAVE BEEN"
34x60 oil on linenSt FrancisSt Sebastian crosschasing santa fe 1 imagePlains council 28x34the big picture bass pro muralThe Long Way Home 30x27.5RETURN TO SANTA FE 20X16 oilWISDOM 32x38 oilPortrait of a Pueblo Man 12x10 oilDreamscape l : Maneuvering the Fray
36x55 oilAMBER AUTUMN 24x30 oil SOLDA TAOS JOURNEY 48x48 oil SOLDNative Vision 27.5 x 39.75 oil 
A Young Man's Fancy 34x 48.25 oil soldThe Road Less Traveled 48x48 oil soldstudio visittaos sketch SOLD
12x10 oiltony in red blanket/ soldmoose caller 40x30 oilcreative spirit 25x18 oil/ soldCover/ Santa Fean Magazine 12/2013-1/2014 -"SNOW PONY" 20x16 oil/ soldtraditional navajo girl/ sold TAOS EVENING 55x36 oil/ soldsanta domingo (kewa) storage jar/ soldevening walkwater bearer/ sold

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STUDIO: 505/ 670-1525

roseta santiago